About the National Dakwah Council
(Majlis Dakwah Negara)

Formed in 2013, the National Dakwah Council is represented by some of  the most distinguished and established scholars, academicians, professionals, corporate executives and many other with specific expertise in their respective fields. Contributions are in their respective expertise organised under various sub-committees within the Council.


To galvanise trailblazing and innovative approaches in reforming dakwah efforts that is compatible and relevant in current times.

Core Values

  • To strengthen the position of Islam as the official religion.
  • To uphold the sovereignty of the Malay Kings.
  • To promote integration and unity of the ummah.
  • To respect religious freedom as stated within the Federal Constitution.
  • To contribute towards national growth and development.


  • Education
  • Dakwah
  • Socio-culture
  • Economy
  • Women Affairs
  • Masjids and places of worship.
  • Cheng Ho
  • Graduates

Think-Tank Groups

  • Unity of the Ummah (Perunding Perpaduan Ummah)
  • Distinguished Scholars (Cendekiawan Ulung)
  • Consultation of Ulama (Panel Syura Ulama-Umara)
  • Empowerment of Jawi writing (Panel Memperkasa Tulisan Jawi)
  • Human Rights (Panel Hak Asasi Manusia)
  • Islamic Laws (Panel Transformasi Perundangan Islam)