Award Categories

The recipients of IEA 1441H/2020AD are some of the most outstanding performers in their respective fields and comprise of members from religious, academic, social, professional, corporate and business backgrounds.

The Programme consists of 15 awards categorised by Outstanding Achievement, Excellence Awards in Academic, Economic and Social activities as well as the People’s Choice Awards. The candidates are evaluated based on individual and organisation capacities, and are assessed from the perspective of the relevant core criteria which include Contribution, Qualification, Leadership, Growth, Talent Development, Innovation and Islamic Values.

The categories are also named after iconic luminaries that formed the backbone of the Islamic Golden Age, to serve as inspiration to the general public in achieving success while guided by the virtues and principles of Islam.

Outstanding Achievement (Individual)

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1 Harun Ar Rasyid
3. lubna

Academic Excellence Awards (Individual)

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4. AlGhazali
5. Ibn Ishaq
6. Almamun

Social Excellence Awards (Organisation)

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7. Ibn Sina
8. Hunayn

Economic Excellence Awards (Organisation)

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10. Ibn Batutta
11. Al Zahrawi
12. AL Baytar
13. Khawarizmi

People’s Choice Awards (Organisation)

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14. Abdullah
15. Ibn Rusyd
16. Jabir

Awards Nomination & Candidacy

Nominations will be through online open submissions, suggestions from the  IEA 1441H/2020AD Committee as well as research from the Auditor. Candidates are limited to individuals for Outstanding Achievement and Excellence Awards – Academic categories, while Excellence Awards – Economic, Excellence Awards – Social and People’s Choice Awards categories are restricted to organisations. Nominations for the People’s Choice Awards category is at the discretion of the public. Recipients of this category are by popular public vote and exempt from assessment of the IEA 1441H/2020AD Panel of Judges.

Candidates Qualification For Individual



Candidates Qualification for Organisation

Registered organisation in Malaysia

*except for Ibn Sina International Excellence Award

>51% Islamic shareholding

*except for Hunayn Ibn Ishaq Unity Award

>51% Islamic leadership

*except for Hunayn Ibn Ishaq Unity Award